We work for many of the countries major financial organisations.

We are able to carry out international recovery work.

We can recover all types of property.

We also do process serving and repossessions both nationwide and worldwide.

We provide a repossession service whereby we will act on your instructions to repossess chattels, vehicle, trucks, boats, buses etc, or collect monies outstanding. We appreciate that in most cases you the client does not want the goods back and would much rather receive payment.

We will only repossess after we have exhausted all avenues available to obtain payment or negotiate arrangement for payment unless otherwise instructed by you. All repossession work incurs a GST charge.

All our field agents are fully licensed Private Investigators through the High Court. As such all agents are subject to police clearance and are deemed to be a person of good reputation and character. All Investigators have been thoroughly trained in all aspects of repossession, investigation and surveillance and are fully conversant with the law as it pertains to this industry.